Frankly’s Express Video is a groundbreaking platform that integrates Live, VOD, Live-to-VOD and ad insertion workflows seamlessly into your CMS. Our cloud services acquire, manage, distribute and monetize video from any standards-based encoder. Quickly and easily publish your content with multi-bitrate HD streaming to web, social, mobile and OTT.


Connect on-premise or field encoders from industry leaders such as Amazon Elemental, Teradek and LiveU to continuously record 72 hours of video content in the cloud. While traditional OVPs have been limited to file-based workflows or the primary live feed of their customers, Express Video can capture multiple broadcast feeds, as well as live streams from the field in a single CMS instance.

Hardware Agnostic

Use any hardware or software video encoder that supports standards-based protocols such as HLS, RTMP and RTP+FEC, to push video streams to Express Video in the cloud.

Field Publishing

Compatible with bonded cellular streaming services such as LiveU and Dejero for acquisition of video feeds from any remote location.

Live Recording

Continuously record a rolling 72-hour window of video for live streaming and LiveToVOD editing applications. Longer recording windows are available.


Browse 72 hours of recorded video from any source to frame-accurately edit clips for digital publication moments after they air on TV or online. Edited clips are automatically encoded in multiple bitrates for adaptive, HD-quality streaming to web, mobile and OTT devices. 

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Integration

Use industry-standard program guides such as Titan TV to quickly and efficiently select shows for editing and publication.

Real-Time Editing

Select and edit any section of video from the past 72 hours, up to the current minute. You don’t have to wait until the show is finished airing.

Efficient Clipping

Create VOD clips quickly and easily with intuitive editing controls, timecode inputs, as well as seeking, scrubbing and preview options.

Frame-Accurate Editing

Define frame-accurate start and end times for your clips to guarantee natural edit points and complete audio transitions.

Image Capture

Select any frame of video to export an image for use across your digital platforms, including stories, slideshows and features graphics.


Frankly’s groundbreaking live stream solution connects broadcast and online systems into one seamless workflow, while preserving embedded SCTE-35 metadata to enable targeted ad insertion and personalized content experiences. Deliver multiple video channels to your audience in full HD-quality with adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming using HLS or MPEG-DASH.

Stream Availability Service

Use Frankly’s live stream service API to automatically prompt users when a channel is active across all supported platforms.

Live Stream Scheduling

Push streams live instantly or schedule them up to a week in advance. Both one-time and recurring schedules are supported.

Channel Switching

Allow users to switch seamlessly between available live streaming channels.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Replace broadcast advertising pods with targeted digital ads using GPIO triggers or embedded SCTE-35 metadata.


Frankly’s Express Video workflows are included in the full-featured Frankly CMS or available standalone for use with alternative platforms such as WordPress.  In either case, we offer a powerful suite of automation tools that make video publishing easy.

File Transcoding

Upload video files using the CMS interface or SFTP for transcoding, editing and publishing. Supports 98% of standard input codecs, including H.264, H.263, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV and AVI.

Custom Integrations

Our open SaaS architecture provides a full suite of industry standard and accessible developer tools to build and customize workflows, UI experiences, and third-party integrations.

Rules based automation

Create watch folders and CMS rules that automate the video publishing process, including transcoding options, placement within specific content sections, and syndication to third parties.

Easy Access

A non-technical team can create, edit, and publish video using our browser-based workflows from any internet-connected location.


Create once and publish everywhere, including your web, social, mobile and OTT experiences. Video assets are automatically generated in multiple bitrates for adaptive HD streaming using HLS or MPEG-DASH. Discrete MP4 files are also created for each bitrate to support syndication and posting to social media outlets.

Automated Syndication

Send your video clips, associated metadata and featured images to any 3rd party S/FTP location with custom codec and bitrate settings. 

Responsive Web Player

Our web video player is built on a standards-based, responsive framework so everyone from desktop to mobile can see your content perfectly.

Native Mobile and OTT Apps

Send video to your native apps for phone, tablets and connected TVs. Build them on Frankly’s app platform or integrate with your third-party app using our full-featured MRSS, XML and JSON feeds.

Social Media Posting

Post video clips directly to YouTube or syndicate full stories with embedded video to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Closed Captioning

Multiple captioning standards are supported including Timed Text Markup Language (TTML), WebVTT and embedded 608/708 captions.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is made easy with video landing pages and meta tags to ensure your clips are properly indexed.


Industry standard metrics are available for all your live stream and VOD playback activity across web, mobile and OTT applications.


Schedule your own pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll campaigns for VOD assets and live streams using our instance of Google Ad Manager. Or let Frankly manage and optimize your inventory to maximize revenue with industry leading CPMs.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Replace broadcast advertising pods with targeted digital ads using GPIO triggers or embedded SCTE-35 metadata.

Measurable Campaigns

Comprehensive reporting and analytics let you track revenue impact.

Access The Best Ad Networks

Tap into over 20 ad networks to serve pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlays and live ads.

Standards Compliant

IAB ad standards, VAST, VPAID, and GOOGLE IMA SDK.