Frankly’s Express CMS was built with broadcasters in mind and offers a market-leading, WordPress-based content management solution that bridges the gap between on-air and online. Deliver news and entertainment to your digital audience with a streamlined workflow, responsive site design, and time-saving content syndication capabilities.


Maintain all your content for multiple websites in one centralized dashboard. Express CMS offers unified calendars and support for RSS feeds, media galleries, and multi-user blogs, all of which can be managed under custom permission settings for one site, a market cluster, or even your whole network through a single login.


Streamline your content workflow with the ability to syndicate across multiple sites with just the press of a button. Share news, videos, and more in real-time across custom groups or your whole network, or schedule future content with automatic expiration dates to save time and resources.


Create content that is optimized for top performance across any laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Express CMS features a WYSIWYG Editor and drag-and-drop layout capabilities that allow you to design attractive, interactive content to engage your audience online. Easily preview posts, pages, and themes before publishing to ensure quality, and plan for temporary changes on holidays, site takeovers, or other big sponsored promotions with customized theme scheduling.