Built for optimal efficiency in the complex ad ecosystem, Frankly Media’s ad serving platform empowers publishers to maximize yield while our ad management platform meets all of your ad and revenue operations needs.


Partner with Frankly Media and gain access to our buy-side relationships and optimize your inventory offering for maximum fill and yield.

  • Managed programmatic inventory including private marketplaces, guaranteed orders and preferred deals.
  • Package your inventory for specific audiences and brand metrics.
  • Guaranteed fill rate
  • 1.5 times higher CPMs
  • High-quality ads
  • Optional guaranteed CPM rates
  • Turnkey service: we handle demand source, media planning, execution, reporting, and revenue collection


We directly sell your sites to premium national brands.

  • Sales channels with long-standing relationships
  • National scale that ensures publishers sites are visible and relevant
  • Higher CPMs and greater shares on premium direct campaigns than those typically offered to standalone publishers
  • Management of the entire campaign process including response to multiple RFPs


As a reseller for Google, we provide an instance of DFP Premium, DFP Video, and access to view-ability and DMP metrics.

  • Critical training and access to support for Google ad management platforms, only available as a reseller
  • Reduce your ad serving costs and leverage our scaled rates
  • Access to emerging ad tech to support view-ability and DMP requirements